November 15, 2013

OCTOBER 2013: The Month in Charts

by Vincent Flasseur.

October was a month that had market and economy-watchers reaching for superlatives and looking back to judge events against historical background. Thomson Reuters charts and interactive timelines provided perspective for investors.


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The partial U.S. government shutdown dominated the headlines for 16 days as Republicans and Democrats wrestled over the Affordable Care Act and whether to raise the debt ceiling. The specter of a U.S. default loomed as Congress and the White House played brinksmanship.

Unemployment numbers continued to attract attention as a signal of relative economic strength and indicator of consumer spending.

In corporate news, markets were anticipating the Twitter initial public offering. Global and U.S. IPO activity in 2013 remained healthy, compared to 2012. Nikon cut its full-year compact camera sales forecast to 11.5 million units as demand weakened.

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