December 11, 2014

Easier Access Via Eikon Web

by Alpha Now Research Team.


Thomson Reuters Eikon now provides access to a broad range of the most important features and information you depend on, via a web browser.

In addition to latest streaming news, all this is now accessible via web access:

  • Cross-asset Class Views including Company, Industry, and Country
  • Key market-monitoring tools, including Watchlist Pulse, Quote and Monitor.
  • Industry App, Macro Explorer, and Screener (Chrome only)
  • Relevant price and news alerts you can create and manage
  • Briefcase storage to save research articles and news for offline viewing
  • Create, edit and delete lists/portfolios via Watchlist Pulse or Monitor, with Messenger access to related news, research, events, and filings
Eikon New

Source: Thomson Reuters Eikon

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