December 15, 2015

Hark! Heralding Portfolio Analytics Views

by Lipper Alpha Insight Research Team.


2015 saw 4 product releases of Portfolio Analytics Views which have allowed you to truly customize reports, enhance analysis of funds, and improve your workflows within the Portfolio Analytics suite of applications.

  • Fund of Funds report, incorporating Fund NAVs and Top Exposures – helps you to understand what you are holding, how it affects your fund of funds and where else you may be holding that stock.
  • Portfolio Search for Derivatives – vastly improved search functionality for your options and futures.
  • Variety of new Analytics Views – Tornado charts (multiple statistics at one point in time by portfolio/sector/stock level), fundamental time series charts, distribution of returns charts, return matrix, holdings changes report.
  • Advances in portfolio and Lists – new menu layout, links with Monitor, and enhanced upload wizard tools.
  • Host of new reports features – filtered options, breakdowns and securities displays, print options, report sharing, and advanced analysis capabilities (z-score, percentile etc).

Source: Thomson Reuters Eikon

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