July 26, 2018

Lipper Podcast: Issues in Australian Financial Planning – Richard Byrnes, RBA Financial Group

by Jake Moeller.

In this podcast, Richard Byrnes, founder and principal of Australian-based financial planning company, RBA Financial Group, discusses issues facing the Australian financial planning industry.

Richard shares his views on the Australian mutual funds industry, outlines how he selects mutual funds for his client base and reveals some of his preferred fund groups. He also discusses how he manages his clients’ investment expectations, the increasing importance of ethical considerations in investing, and provides his assessment for the future of financial planning in Australia.

Richard also shares his views on the current Royal Commission in Financial Services, outlining some of its potential compliance implications for financial planning firms.

Running Order

Run Time Topic
00:30 Provide us with an outline your business
01:35 What’s your view on the Australian mutual funds market?
02:30 What are some of your preferred fund groups?
05:00 How to you manage client expectations in a volatile market?
05:45 How important are ethical considerations for your clients?
07:38 On compliance obligations and the Royal Commission in Financial Services
09:21 What’s the outlook for the Australian financial planning industry?


Richard is chatting with Jake Moeller, Head of Lipper UK and Ireland Research, at Thomson Reuters in Melbourne, Australia on May 16, 2018.

About Richard Byrnes

Richard Byrnes

Richard Byrnes.

Richard Byrnes is an experienced financial planner who has been looking after his clients in rural Victoria and Melbourne for over 40 years.  Over that time, he has built a successful business – Rba Financial Group – which prides itself on its relationships with clients, their families and local communities.

Richard provides advice on investment, superannuation, retirement income and insurance.  He has researched and identified fund managers who share his philosophy of protecting clients’ capital in falling markets, while still providing reasonable growth over the long term and he recommends investments to clients with this philosophy in mind.

Richard is a member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia.

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