November 6, 2019

Chart of the Day: Russell 1000 CapEx

by David Aurelio.

Year-on-year CapEx for the Russell 1000 is expected to continue to slow in 19Q3. Analysts currently expect an increase of 2.0%. The real estate sector is expected to see the largest decline (-7.5%), led by the industrial REITs (-80.7%) and diversified REITs (-81.0%) sub-industries. Analysts anticipate that the information technology sector will see the second greatest decrease (-2.9%), led by the semiconductor equipment (-22.4%) and IT consulting & other services (-16.0%) industries. Conversely, the utilities sector should see the largest increase in 19Q3 YoY CapEx (27.2%), led by the gas utilities (27.2%) and multi-utilities (27.1%) sub-industries.

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