October 25, 2018

Fund Manager Chat: UK Equities–Scott McKenzie, Saracen Fund Managers

by Jake Moeller.

Recorded on: October 18, 2018

In this podcast, Scott McKenzie, fund manager at Saracen Fund Managers provides an overview of the philosophy and process behind the TB Saracen UK Equity Alpha Fund and outlines his views on the state of the U.K. equities market.

Scott introduces boutique firm Saracen, reveals the current positioning of his fund and outlines some stock examples in the portfolio. He also considers some of the opportunities and challenges investors face in the U.K. market today, and how British companies are responding in the environment.

Running Order

Run Time Topic
00:20 Please outline the philosophy of the TB Saracen UK Alpha Fund
01:15 This is a punchy portfolio. Where do you start with your idea generation?
02:10 You have a three-pronged approach to investing. How are these currently positioned?
03:46 More broadly how are you positioned? What are your sector biases. What are you avoiding?
04:50 Your are style agnostic. Typically what market is most conducive for your portfolio?
05:55 What is your view on the UK equity market? What are some of its challenges?
07:19 How are British companies responding to these challenges?
08:18 Tell us a little bit about Saracen Fund Managers


Scott is chatting with Jake Moeller, Head of Lipper UK and Ireland Research, on October 18, 2018.

About Scott McKenzie

Scott McKenzie, Saracen Fund Managers.

Scott joined Saracen in August 2014 and has 25 years experience managing UK equity funds.

Scott launched Saracen UK Income in April 2015. In June 2017 he also became lead manager of Saracen UK Alpha.

Scott started out as an analyst with Britannic Asset Management in Glasgow in 1990. He joined Norwich Union in London in October 1999 and returned to Scotland with Martin Currie in 2005.

He describes himself as an value-focused investor with an emphasis on growing dividends.

During his career he has received various fund ratings from independent fund researchers and his interests outside of work include music and soccer.


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