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July 19, 2018

Thomson Reuters Lipper U.S. Mutual Funds & ETPs Q2 2018 Snapshot

by Tom Roseen.

In this issue of Lipper’s U.S. Mutual Funds & Exchange-Traded Products Snapshot, we feature a summary of total net assets (TNA), estimated net flows, new fund creations, and fund liquidations for conventional funds and exchange-traded products (ETPs) for Q2 2018, comparing the changes to those of prior quarters and highlighting the largest individual gainers and losers of both groups. The Snapshot provides readers a powerful, easy-to-use guide and quick-reference tool to help them discern fund trends during the quarter.


  • TNA in the conventional funds business (not including ETPs and variable insurance products [VIPs]) advanced, climbing $245.2 billion from Q1 2018 to $18.9 trillion for Q2 2018.
  • TNA in U.S. ETPs (including exchange-traded funds, exchange-traded notes, exchange-traded commodities, limited partnership commodity pools, master limited partnerships, and exchange-traded fund unit investment trusts) rose 2.46% from $3.449 trillion for Q1 2018 to a little over $3.534 trillion for Q2 2018.
  • For Q2 actively managed funds, excluding money market funds, took in just $31 million net, while their passively managed counterparts attracted some $76.6 billion.
  • The multi-cap funds macro-group witnessed the largest absolute increase (+$73.3 billion) in TNA, rising 4.53% to just shy of $1.7 trillion, as investors turned their attention to U.S.-centric securities.
  • The small-cap ETPs macro-group experienced the largest relative (+13.75%) and absolute (+$26.7 billion) increases in TNA for Q2, jumping to a little more than $221 billion under management.

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