January 14, 2022

Consumer Confidence Declines Slightly While Sub‐Indices Show Mixed Feelings

by Jharonne Martis.

“This month’s Refinitiv/Ipsos Primary Consumer Sentiment Index sees a slight decrease as Americans navigate the uncertainty surrounding the Omicron variant.” Mallory Newall of Ipsos states. “Our collective uncertainty is also reflected in the consumer confidence sub‐indices. Our outlooks on the current environment and investments have worsened, while views toward jobs and future expectations are slightly, but not significantly, improving.”

Jharonne Martis, Director of Consumer Research at Refinitiv, said, “The Refinitiv Retail & Restaurant Index is looking at a 15.1% estimated earnings growth rate for the current quarter ending January 2022. This suggests that consumers did go shopping this holiday season. Still, Omnicron and inflationary worries might slow down consumer spending next quarter. The Q1 2022 index is expected to come down to an 8.2% estimated growth rate.”

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