News in Charts: China’s true vacancy rate Over the years, Fathom Consulting has created a wealth of proprietary indicators, many of which originate from bespoke consultancy projects and ... Find Out More
Chart of the Week: How well did Japan’s economy weather Q4’s tax hike? Refresh the chart in your browser | Edit chart in Datastream Fathom’s proprietary Economic Sentiment Indicator (ESI) for Japan fell to a ... Find Out More
Breakingviews: Capgemini victory over Elliott comes with baggage Paul Hermelin’s triumph is not without cost. The chief executive of Capgemini has won a $4.1 billion bid to take control of Paris-listed peer ... Find Out More
Breakingviews: UK belatedly bares antitrust teeth over tech M&A Critics will say that Britain’s antitrust boss Andrew Tyrie is tilting at windmills. The former Conservative politician, who now chairs the ... Find Out More
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