April 20, 2016

Global Economic and Markets Outlook Q2 Webinar

by Katherine Massie

As monetary activism loses traction, fiscal policy takes center stage – will it make any difference?

Date: Thursday 12th May, 2016
Time: 3-4pm BST, 10-11am EDT

ZIRP and QE have failed to move most developed economies decisively clear of stagnation. It seems that monetary policy – conventional or otherwise – has lost its traction on the real economy. Global attention is now shifting to the other main tool of macroeconomic demand management: fiscal policy.

Our partners Fathom Consulting will present at this exclusive webinar on the following:

  • How will this policy shift affect the prospects for global growth and the performance of asset markets?
  • Can a different mix of demand-management policies have any effect on long-run growth?
  • Fathom will also introduce its new, unique and proprietary gauge: the Financial Macroeconomic Policy Indicator (FMPI)*

Join the webinar here.

Charts from this presentation along with the FMPI will be available on Thomson Reuters Eikon following the webinar. To learn more about Thomson Reuters Eikon or to request a free trial, click here. 

*The FMPI quantifies the stance of macroeconomic policy (both monetary and fiscal) in the world’s major economies, and how that stance changes over time.

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