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September 1, 2016

Trading With Sentiment

by Katherine Massie

Make better decisions in global equities, currencies and market timing with media analytics

Most investors suspect that market psychology – such as cycles greed and fear – influences asset prices, but there is little systematic research into why this occurs and how traders can take advantage of it.

Evidence from the emerging field of sentiment analysis demonstrates the importance of media and information flow in fueling price patterns such as overreaction and underreaction. Sentiment refers to the feelings, attitudes and beliefs of investors, and in this webinar we demonstrate evidence that the sentiments evident in news and social media, and extracted through text analytics, can significantly lead price action.

Join Richard Peterson, CEO of MarketPsych, in this complementary webinar to learn more.

  • See how universal human neurocircuitry predisposes investors to collective risk-related behavioral patterns.
  • Identify the information characteristics that trigger crowds to overreact or under-react to news.
  • Learn how professionals are taking advantage of media sentiment across asset classes in strategies based on news momentum, trend-following, value investing, and bubble-timing.
  • Understand when you should invest along with the herd, anticipate a turning point, and when it is best to take a contrarian approach.

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