June 16, 2016

Webinar: Political Risk In The Municipal Bond Market

by Katherine Massie

Thomson Reuters is pleased to host this timely and engaging webinar on the municipal bond market and the political risks it faces.

In the past year, political risk has emerged as a major cause of concern in the municipal bond market. Recent events include:
  • The non-appropriation of budgeted funds as demonstrated by Puerto Rico legislature in the PRIFA default and the debt moratorium
  • The Atlantic City political stalemate
  • The failure of Illinois legislature to pass the budget for the 2016 financial year

It’s clear that political risk has become a major factor in assessing an issuer’s ‘willingness’ to take timely action as it relates to its financial and debt service obligations.

Join the webinar and hear from industry experts as they share their views on recent developments and explore the impact of political risk on credit quality, transparency, market confidence and accessibility.

The discussion will also cover the impact of the current political climate as it relates to fundamental changes in the municipal market. Is political risk quantifiable?

Expert Panelists:

  • Matthew Posner, Founder & Principal, Court Street Group
  • Triet Nguyen, Managing Director, NewOak Fundamental Credit
  • Howard J. Cure, Director of Municipal Bond Credit Research, Evercore Wealth Management, LLC
  • Steve Schrager, Senior Municipal Bond Analyst, Thomson Reuters
  • Moderator: Mike Demas, Head of Municipal Bond Evaluations, Thomson Reuters

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