June 16, 2016

Webinar: Spotlight On U.S. Money Market Reform: Valuation Challenges For Institutional Money Market Funds

by Katherine Massie

Since the 2008 collapse of the Reserve Primary Fund, the SEC has led the charge on money market reform. Fund valuation, transparency and increased disclosure have all been central to regulatory efforts. This year, reforms come to a head.

As of 14 October, institutional prime and municipal money market funds will be required to price and transact floating NAVs – a significant change for a sector that has historically prided itself on maintaining a $1 per share investment value.

In this special webinar, we gather together industry experts to discuss how institutional money market fund managers can get to grips with stringent new valuation and reporting requirements.

Discussion points include:

  • An overview of SEC money market reform efforts and market reaction
  • Spotlight on valuation:
    • How can money market fund managers transition to new floating NAV requirements?
    • Who in the firm has responsibility for managing the transition?
    • What resources do they need to transition?
    • What hiccups will they face? How will they overcome any obstacles?
    • Staying on top of ongoing investor reporting in a market in flux / maintaining investor confidence and trust

Expert speakers include:

  • Tracy Hopkins, Executive Vice President, BNY Mellon Fixed Income, COO, BNY Mellon Cash Investment Strategies  
  • Sam Mulliner, Audit Partner, Deloitte
  • MODERATOR: Rob Vincini, Head of Pricing Service Specialists, Thomson Reuters 

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