October 2, 2018

For Q3 2018 Equity Funds Post Strongest Return in Three Quarters

by Tom Roseen.

U.S. investors embraced domestic issues on strong corporate profits and economic data—pushing equity funds to their second consecutive quarterly gain—and generally ignored trade-war concerns during the quarter. For Q3 2018 the average equity fund posted a return of 3.10%, with Lipper’s U.S. Diversified Equity Funds macro-classification (+5.17%) posting the strongest quarterly return of the four major equity groups for the first quarter in three. In this segment I highlight the Q3 and September 2018 performance results for equity mutual funds and ETFs.


  • For Q3 2018 equity funds (+3.10 on average) posted their second consecutive quarterly gain. Lipper’s U.S. Diversified Equity (USDE) Funds macro-classification (+5.17%) jumped to the top of the leader board for the first quarter in three, followed by Mixed-Asset Funds (+2.32%), Sector Equity Funds (+1.30%), and World Equity Funds (+0.16%).
  • The Sector Equity Funds macro-classification housed three of the best performing classifications in the equity universe for Q3, with Global Health/Biotechnology Funds (+10.00%) being the universe leader.
  • The World Equity Funds macro-classification was dragged down by India Region Funds (-7.58%) and China Region Funds (-6.22%).
  • Large-cap (+6.94%) and growth-oriented (+7.41%) domestic equity funds ruled the roost for Q3.

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