October 23, 2019

Fund Manager Chat: Global Listed Real Estate Equities: Kempen

by Jake Moeller.

Recorded on: October 15, 2019

In this #FundManagerChat podcast, Egbert Nijmeijer from Kempen and co-manager of the Kempen Global Listed Real Estate Fund outlines the case for global listed real estate companies.

Egbert provides an overview of the asset class and outlines the benefits it can bring to an investor portfolio. He discusses where he and the Kempen team are finding opportunities in global listed real estate equities and areas that he is avoiding. He also outlines how he incorporates ESG into his portfolio and how this has impacted some of his recent stock selection.

Egbert also provides an outlook for the asset class outlining some of the medium term head and tailwinds.

Running Order

Run Time Topic
00:20 Outline the objective and philosophy of the Kempen Global Listed Real Estate Fund
01:45 Why should investors consider this asset class?
03:15 What is the relationship between global listed real estate and interest rates?
04:35 How do you distill a global mandate into a compact portfolio?
07:00 What are the “portfolio clusters” in your process? What purpose do they serve?
10:15 How is your portfolio currently positioned? How are relative valuations in the asset class?
14:40 How do you incorporate ESG criteria into your process?
16:45 What has worked well year-to-date? What hasn’t worked so well?
20:30 What is your broad outlook for the asset class in the medium term?

Egbert is chatting with Jake Moeller, Head of Lipper UK and Ireland Research at Refinitiv, in London on October 15, 2019.

About Egbert Nijmeijer

Egbert Nijmeijer, Kempen

Egbert Nijmeijer, Kempen

Egbert Nijmeijer joined Kempen in 2011 as a Senior Portfolio Manager. Prior to this, Egbert worked for the development finance department of Bouwfonds and as an Asset Manager at a residential corporation. In these roles, he gained experience with the Direct Real Estate Market. He began his career in 2000 at Robeco as Portfolio Manager, where he managed equity portfolios for 6 years.

Egbert holds a Masters in Industrial Engineering & Management specialising in civil engineering. He completed the Real Estate management programme of Harvard Business School. He currently coordinates the Harvard / Kempen shared Real Estate research projects.

Egbert is a member of the US retail council at  Urban Land Institute (ULI). At ULI Egbert is also part of the Editorial Board for ULI’s Emerging Markets Trends research, and holds a position in the Content Advisory Group advising ULI on their direction of research efforts.


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