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December 11, 2019

Singapore 2019Q3 Fund Flow- Total Net Outflows Continued; Bonds Continue Consecutive Three Quarters’ Net Inflows

by Xav Feng.

Based on the data submitted by the participating Investment Management Association of Singapore (IMAS) members, the various authorized and recognized unit trusts registered for sale in Singapore continued posting net outflows (S$9,172.44 million in aggregate) for Q3 2019. They had posted net outflows of S$18,031.52 million for Q2 2019. Breaking down the data by asset type, equity funds continued posting the highest net outflows (-S$-24,502.94 million) while bond funds gained the highest net inflows (+S$14,657.19 million) for the period.On a quarterly basis, inflows for equity funds soared from Q2 2019’s S$1,583.71 million to S$1,781.63 million for Q3 2019. That accounted for 6.96% of the overall inflows (+S$25,606.58 million) into unit trusts for Q3 2019. The outflows of equity funds slid from S$39,073.85 million for Q2 2019 to S$26,284.57 million for Q3 2019.

The inflows for bond funds slumped from Q2 2019’s S$21,071.05 million to S$20,058.93 million for Q3 2019, accounting for 78.34% of the overall inflows. Meanwhile, bond funds recorded outflows of S$5,401.74 million for Q3 2019, compared with the previous quarter’s outflows of S$1,606.82 million.

Mixed-asset funds’ inflows soared from S$1,818.98 million for Q2 2019 to S$2,593.82 million for Q3 2019, accounting for 10.13% of the overall inflows. The outflows of mixed-asset funds increased from Q2 2019’s S$1,867.88 million to S$2,009.93 million for Q3 2019.

The total inflows for Q3 2019 rallied from S25,525.41 million for Q2 2019 to S$25,606.58 million, and the total outflows of capital soared from S$43,556.93 million for Q2 2019 to S$34,779.02 million for Q3 2019.


  • Unit trusts registered for sale in Singapore reported net outflows of S$9,172.44 million for Q3 2019, making it the third consecutive quarter of net outflows this year.
  • Equity funds continued posting quarterly net outflows of S$24,502.944 million. Bond funds, with net inflows of S$14,657.19 million for Q3 2019, remain the leader in inflows among all asset types.
  • The total inflows of capital for Q3 2019 compared to Q2 2019 rose a slight 0.32% to S$25,606.58 million, while the total outflows of capital slid 20.15%, to S$34,779.02 million, for the period.
  • Equity funds’ inflows for Q3 2019 rose 12.50% to S$1,781.63 million, while bond funds’ inflows decreased 4.8%, to S$20,058.93 million, for the period.
  • Outflows from equity funds for Q3 2019 slid 32.73% to S$26,284.57 million, and bond funds recorded outflows of S$5,401.74 million—a big jump of 236.18% compared with Q2 2019.
  • Mixed-asset funds’ inflows for Q3 2019 soared 42.60% to S$2,593.82 million, and their outflows increased 7.60%, to S$2,009.93 million, for the period.

Click here or on the Download Full Report link in the upper right-hand column of this page to download the entire Singapore FundFlow Insight Report: IMAS-Lipper Fund Flows Survey_Singapore_3Q2019

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