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December 16, 2015

Content Stars Of Screener

by Lipper Alpha Insight Research Team.


During 2015 there were a variety of new and exciting content sets integrated in Screener, as well as other enhancements that provided you with more robust tools and abilities for building your screens and reports. The main enhancements include:

  • StarMine Countries of Risk Screening – New StarMine data items are available in Screener that allow you to create filters based on the amount of risk companies are exposed to in a particular country or region. You can also now filter by the revenue risk per country, overall risk per country, and primary country of risk, and create custom regions on the fly for revenue risk and overall risk comparisons.
Source: Thomson Reuters Eikon

Source: Eikon

  • Simple Column Math – Set up custom columns in Screener by referencing columns that are already in the report, and create formulas using basic mathematical operators, including addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), and division (/).

Source: Eikon

  • Data Blocks and Universal Data Item Picker Favorites – Set your most frequently used data items as Favorites, and save groups as Data Blocks, making them easier to find and add to reports or templates.

Source: Eikon


Source: Eikon

  • Japan GAAP Screening – Create and save screens using Japan GAAP data, and build reports with Japan GAAP data items
  • Broker Detail Screening – Choose broker estimate data items in Screener as a screening filter or display column. Broker estimates include EPS, Revenue, EBITDA, Target Price, and many others.
  • Public & Private Company Screening – Create and save screens with both public companies and private companies within the same universe. Build reports with data items that return data for both public companies and private companies.
  • Proprietary Data Screening – Create and save screens using proprietary data uploaded in Prop Data Manager

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