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December 18, 2015

Environmental Data Goes Holiday Green

by Lipper Alpha Insight Research Team.


November 2015 saw our ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) data make its first appearance in Eikon.  This content set is of increasing importance to investors who now see this information as a means of better assessing how sustainable companies are, and provides a unique window into potential risks & opportunities that would otherwise not be captured with traditional financial metrics. ESG can now be analyzed in Eikon via Screener, Office and any app that uses grid report technology – with plenty more features and content to be released in 2016.

Screener app

Source: Thomson Reuters Eikon

Source: Eikon

  1. Helps you to identify companies that are in ‘unethical’ activities, such as the manufacture of armaments, tobacco, gambling etc using our ESG data items. Plus search using key words against the business descriptions of every publicly listed company.
  2. Identify company industry or country trends using ESG data items and percentage changes over time.
  3. Analyze ESG data trends in combination with our financial data using scatter charting.
Source: Thomson Reuters Eikon

Source: Eikon

Pulse app

  1. Use multifactor rankings to assess who are the best in class or worst in class companies when it comes to ESG criteria.
  2. Access detailed ESG information against each company in your portfolio.
  3. Change the custom fields tab to display ESG factors when expanding the company row.

Eikon Office

  1. Access all of our 404 ESG data items for all years going back to FY2002 on publicly listed companies.

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