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January 27, 2014

China and the US, the next 10 years – Secular stagnation and persistent bubbles?

by Alpha Now Research Team.

This complimentary webinar discusses the US and China’s economic prospects over the next 10 years led by Erik Britton from Fathom Consulting.

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The long-term economic prospects for China and the US are locked together. Creditor, debtor, importer, exporter. But is that set to change? China’s leadership is making a concerted attempt to liberalize its economy, and with it the currency.

Meanwhile, former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers fears that the US may be facing secular stagnation, where the only answer to persistently deficient demand is ultra-loose monetary policy and an endless succession of asset price bubbles. Can the RMB become fully convertible over the next decade, and if so would it pose a risk to the dollar’s reserve currency status? Is Larry Summers right – is the US condemned to be stuck in a perpetual bubble?


Meet Our Speaker

Erik_Britton_imageErik Britton is a director of Fathom Consulting. Prior to joining Fathom, he was a director at a leading economic forecasting consultancy, where he headed up major projects for clients in blue-chip industrial firms, financial services and government.

This webinar is produced in partnership with Fathom Consulting.


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